Vertical Planning

The best planners can imagine and pre-plan project tasks but have been always limited to their imagination and restricted tools. Empowering our Planners with visual representation bridges the gap of a plan, and it credibility on-site. Verifying those plans is a massive task for any project planner. Human error also plays a big role that can result in magnificent project losses. Through our certified planners, we utilize 4D BIM to achieve a robust plan that can allow for better communication between the technical office and site teams, more effective decision making by project directorship and faster turnaround execution on site.

Vertical and virtual Planning is essential for today’s versatile projects

Site Logistics Management and equipment planning are also an area of expertise that BIMTEC excels at, through the use of innovative 4D BIM tools to virtually represent plans to all project stakeholders.

Engaging Laser Scanning and 4D BIM, has delivered a new dimension to project managers, this allowed for real life representation against planned execution all in a visualized environment.