Our industry has started with the Agricultural era expanded to the Industrial Era, then the Services Era and is currently in the Technological Era. We predict that the next Era will be the Sustainability Era so in Essence, this lies directly within the vision of what BIM is evolving to.

The Technology used in today’s BIM tools and processes has been derived from the Aviation Industry, then adopted by the Automotive Manufacturing industry and later by the Oil and Gas Industry. Naturally, the Construction industry is the slowest of all; and we have witnessed the rapid growth rate adoption in the last decade.

We work close with Autodesk, RIB, Tekla, Trimble, Bentley Channel Partners, Synchro, Meridian and many more…

Capitalizing on the “Information” based platforms has changed the mind-set of AEC Professionals, and at BIMTEC, we are Vendor Free “Client Driven” based company with the ability and vision to allocate the correct tools / processes and platforms as per the project needs to deliver Large scale projects.