Health and safety management

When a model is generated, the opportunities to utilize those models are in essence limitless. Our engineers have utilized those models to generate an educational 3D game simulating real conditions, resulting as a tool for HSE managers to optimize their plans, train labour in a more cost effective manner and enabling clients to approve plans without the need to read through manuals. HSE BIM is what makes BIMTEC yet another consulting expert ahead of the competition.

The reality on site can be simulated for different purposes: site logistics, equipment education, simulation of dangerous conditions of work for machines or labour, sequences for structures, temporary structures, etc..

When it comes to human beings, any effort is important. The construction site is always a dangerous area that now can be managed in real time on your screen.

We are seeking to anticipate dangerous activities or sequences and we are also ready to improve the education of your workers. We have available tools to simulate and interact with your team in an education process available in any language.