Facilities Management

Building performance and information capturing is the opportunity of the owner to foresee potential savings while running the building erected from an OPEX perspective, eliminating unforeseen costs associated to Facilities Management. Capturing the correct information from design or during construction through a verified single point of truth database that can be simply handed over to operators with maximized ROI strategy.

Studies have indicated that on average, you spend 70% of your construction value in maintenance over the duration of 25 years.

FM, also known as 6D BIM, is the simple evolution of rich database compiled throughout the construction cycle, used to operate and to maintain the building. This can be achieved by operating O&M from models directly or linking those models to the FM system allocated by the developers. BIMTEC’s COBIE certified applications and workflows are the answer to capture usable data without concerns about the operator appointment and their requirements.

We have taken this matter one step further, willing to avoid exhaustive 3D modelling tasks only to achieve Facilities Management. This is possible directly from laser scanning! Contact us and we will show you how it is done.