It is true that during the last 30 years computer technology has been contributed in a large scale to the revolution of engineering. Several systems have been developed to support each discipline making possible challenging structures, shapes or energy efficient buildings.

Nevertheless, it is when engineering consultants enter the project that the complexity of the relations between all the parts involved grows exponentially. The collaborative environment optimizes the design process, however the level of development of the engineering solutions follows steps according to the phase of the project.

We have looked at this picture and decided to introduce a new efficient process to expedite project delivery with better planning, Quality and end result

BIMTEC is an engineering firm that came from BIM consultancy industry, we classify ourselves as BIM Consultants, but we believe ND have proven to be Project Management / Value engineering consultants that started with BIM in mind, rather than start traditionally and embrace the BIM process

Our track record experience of pulling projects from an ally to being a project on track, budget and time speaks for itself. We allocate ourselves in the center of the project regardless of the client portfolio (whether being a developer / contractor / consultant) and act as a central hub of data and information exchange that gets filtered through all types of BIM services (3D/4D/5D/6D) to feed the end user engineers on-site and off-site ensuring Integrated Project Delivery whilst shaping its structure to fit contractual obligations by all parties


  • MEP Clash Resolution and proposals to meet design intent
  • Structural Design and Construction Analysis.
  • Architectural Fabrication Drawings and Models.
  • Innovative Project Management “Stitching approach”.