21st November 2015
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When will extra care housing be ready for BIM?
This is a question we have been asking for some time as by 2016 all centrally funded government will need to use BIM or Building Information Modelling...
15th of November 2015
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The first ‘printed’ office is being built to house the staff of Dubai’s Museum of the Future, uses a 20-feet-high 3D printer and is to be completed by 2017
Etienne Mouton, the head of technology for the Middle East at WSP Parsons Brinckerhoff, a construction consultancy, is not surprised that the first 'p...
12th November 2015
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BIM for preconstruction
Concrete frame specialist Byrne Bros has streamlined its preconstruction processes through the use of Tekla Structures 3D building information modelli...
9th of November 2015
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How do manufacturers support BIM?
In a recent survey Adoption of BIM by Architects we asked architects about the level of support they received from manufacturers in the use of BIM. On...
3rd September 2015
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New Boss on Construction Sites Is a Drone
For some construction workers, any thoughts of slacking off could soon seem rather quaint. The drones will almost certainly notice. The site of a l...
26th August 2015
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Laser Scanning for Facilities Management
The key for facilities management (FM) is on the ability of storing data about your assets and respective location. Laser scanning can provide both th...
13th August 2015
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Industry Recap: BIM Trends for 2015
It is no secret that building information modeling (BIM) represents groundbreaking technology that, as it grows, is changing the face of the construct...
8th August 2015
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The Role of the 4D/5D BIM Coordinator
Each new project represents a completely new challenge to the AEC industry. Today, more than ever, the need for communication between all the involved...
5th August 2015
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From Point Cloud to BIM
Building Information Modelling (BIM) methodology is increasingly penetrating into building design. It will also lead to an inevitable increase in the ...
19th June 2015
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How is BIM transforming GCC project delivery?
A common scene observed across construction offices and sites of late involves hard hat-clad individuals “ presumably, architects, consultants, engi...
11th June 2015
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Set Your Project for Success with Lean, BIM & IPD
With so many variables in the building process and the increasing complexity of buildings, construction projects today are notoriously difficult to pr...
11th April 2015
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BIM & health and safety in construction sector
The uses of BIM are vast and sometimes vague. I can discover, every week, a new idea of how to manipulate and explore the information within the BIM m...
31st March 2015
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What if a layman asks you what is BIM?
What if a layman asks you what is BIM? Do you know what to answer? Have you struggled in a dinner when someone asks you what do you do? Yes, I know th...
22nd March 2015
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Benefits of BIM for interior design
A lot has been said about BIM and its impact on the overall construction process, work flow management, integrated project delivery and more. However ...
17th March 2015
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Turner construction: BIM + LEAN
Since 2002, Turner has handled a total of 741 projects, with a value of some 48 billion U.S. dollars, using BIM. At the moment, this digital collabora...