BIM Implementation

With the majority of the contractors looking to become BIM capable, we have successfully implemented and assisted the needs of many organizations. Our clients enjoy the seamless delivery of various services including and not limited to BIM Model Audits, BIM Health Benchmarking, Detailed Modelling, BIM Standards and Workflow Management, Implementation and Process Mapping, Sustainability Engineering, IFCs and Shop Drawings, Virtual Reality and more.

Our consultancy can be focused on a project environment or to a company. We pay attention to every detail, from the assessment and design of your IT Infrastructure to the education of your team.

Equally important, is to understand and establish the legal picture of BIM in your company. While standards and laws are still to be created, the right consultancy can save you some doubts and headaches on a long term.

The real BIM uses requires a serious transformation on your structure, team culture and workflow. The process is global and needs everyone collaboration to achieve the best results possible.

The process is going through different levels, from the old CAD to a complete lifecycle project management.